Setup a Current Cost EnviR energy monitor to upload to

I wanted to setup my Current Cost EnviR energy monitor to upload to I already have my solar generation uploading. It took a while to get it working because I could not find a few small pieces of information that I needed.

I could not find out what software pulled the data from the EnviR and created the log files for pvoutput integration service. It turned out that pvoutput integration service does this you just need to configure it.

One piece of vital information that was missing (or I could not find it) you need to create a folder for the EnviR log files (like c:/logs/CC) otherwise the pvoutput integration service will not start and you will see this below in pvoutput\logs\pvoutput.log

Startup Error: Number of directories must match number of formats





All I changed was the com port to 10 (one the EnviR using).