Olympus DSS Player Pro won’t open – Windows 7

I received a call from one of our users about a problem opening Olympus DSS Player Pro 4 (update 4.10.4) transcription module.  It was working perfectly on Windows 7 until now.

When you double clicked on the shortcut to TpstWnd.exe an hourglass appeared briefly then nothing; there were no error messages. I opened task manager and could see the process running.

I started to troubleshoot by checking licence key, registry entries, changing compatibility setting and finally re-installing the application but none of this worked. I then turned to sysinternals suite procmon.exe and discovered some buffer overflows errors. This led me to start checking windows updates and sure enough it turned out to be kb2670838 and the only solution was to uninstall it.

Problem solved but if kb2670838 fixes something else for you then you may need to get a new version of the DSS Player Pro.